AI Pilot Wins Combat Simulations

AI Pilot Wins Combat Simulations

When it comes to robots there are no issues greater than the fear of a robot takeover. The fear is that with robots and drones getting smarter and more self-aware with every passing week, should they ever become truly automated they would deem the human race unnecessary and remove us from the equation. With so many films focused on the concept, you would think that people feared this outcome but now an AI pilot developed within the US has claimed victory in simulated combat.

The AI Pilot, simply titled Alpha, won the virtual simulation using four jets in a situation which saw it defending the coastline against two attacking aircraft. The result was a complete victory with not a single defending aircraft suffering any losses. The situation saw the two attacking jets, titled as the blue team, contained even more capable weapon systems than the ones Alpha had access to. If this wasn’t enough then Alpha also won against a retired human fighter pilot.

If this wasn’t enough then Alpha also won against a retired human fighter pilot, citing the evasive maneuvers that Alpha conducted as a reason for their victory. Alpha was developed using fuzzy logic, a type of logic which focuses on considering a variety of options before making a choice. The reason for using fuzzy logic is because unlike games like Chess or Go, the fighter jet creates so many pieces of data for comparison and analysis that traditional systems can’t handle the new calculations in an efficient manner.


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