AMD RX 470 Might Only Be $149!

AMD RX 470 Might Only Be $149!

From all of the rumours flying around, you would think that the RX 480 is the only Polaris graphics card AMD has planned. Despite taking most of the attention, the RX 480 does have 2 smaller siblings set to take the $99 to $200 market by storm, the RX 460 and RX 470. Using the same Polaris 10 die it’s larger sibling, the RX 470 may offer even more bang for buck. According to the latest rumours, a 4GB RX 470 will only set you back $149.

At $149, the RX 470 likely offer nearly double the performance for the same price. Once you factor in the much hyped Polaris overclocking, the card may even catch up to the likes of the R9 390X and GTX 980. Of course, the chip is cut down compared to the RX 480 and only 4GB variant will be available at launch.

The big wild card is how much of Polaris 10 is cut out. Rumours have pointed to either 28 or 32 CUs for 1792 or 2048 shaders. Given the close pricing between the 3 Polaris cards, the 28 CU option seems the strongest. AMD would want to give the RX 480 at $199 some breathing room while providing a viable option above the RX 460. Either way, let’s hope AMD will surprise with a card that offers even greater value than the RX 480.

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