AMD Zen USB 3.1 Problem Could Increase Costs

AMD Zen USB 3.1 Problem Could Increase Costs

AMD’s upcoming Zen CPU architecture apparently offers 40% IPC improvements compared to Excavator and should instigate much more affordable enthusiast processors for the mainstream market. Unfortunately, it seems Zen is encountering an issue with the USB 3.1 chipset which could increase costs. Industry website Digitimes reports:

“Because of the Zen chipsets’ design limitations, USB 3.1 transmission speeds drop dramatically as circuit distance increases, forcing PC and motherboard players to add additional retimer and redriver chips or even an independent USB 3.1 IC in order for the function to work properly. This has thus increase the makers’ costs.”

“Since PC sales have been weakening and the increased costs are likely to impact motherboard players’ demand for the Zen chipsets, AMD is reportedly considering acquiring retimer and redriver chips via third-party suppliers to sell along with the Zen chipsets, but so far the sources have not yet heard any firm details on costs or development.”

Digitimes also received a response from AMD stating they are pleased that Zen is on track but they won’t comment on specific board-level solutions. ASMedia added that this is a market rumour and all its products have passed certification. The website goes on to say that AMD chipset designs have been finalised and will begin shipping at the end of the third quarter, with mass production in Q4.

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