Angelbird Releases USB 3.1 SSD2GO PKT Portable SSD

Angelbird Releases USB 3.1 SSD2GO PKT Portable SSD

Angelbird Technologies is one of the companies that aren’t that familiar to most, but it should be as they make some amazing drives and I think that artists are among their core audience. We’ve reviewed the SSD2go Pocket SSD a while ago and now Angelbird is ready with a new portable SSD, theSSD2GO PKT. The new drive is now available worldwide in two capacity options and three colour choices. The drive is designed to be extremely portable and almost indestructible while it still offers a great performance.

Angelbird Releases USB 3.1 SSD2GO PKT Portable SSD 1

The Angelbird SSD2GO PKT is a highly durable drive that comes with an innovative plug design. It has been equipped with high-quality dust and splash-water protection and the SSD2GO PKT can withstand temperatures of up to -40°C (-40°F) and +85°C (+185°F). The casing of the drive is also built to absorb immense forces and it can withstand a truck rolling over it without trouble.

The USB cable doesn’t hang out of the drive as we’re used to, it dives into the drive and almost disappears completely. The unique connection method is called Solid Connect and it protects the cable’s connector and aims to prevent fractures at the receptacle and the cable plug.

The Angelbird SSD2GO PKT remains its portability despite the impressive durability with a weight of just 50 grams. The 9.5mm thick drive will also be easy to fit into even the tightest pockets and compact photo bags.

Angelbird Releases USB 3.1 SSD2GO PKT Portable SSD 2

Durability and portability aren’t everything, a drive also needs to perform well. The SSD2GO PKT does this too with a 68K IOPS random read performance and up to 560MB/s transfer speeds. Thanks to the USB 3.1 connection, the drive is able to go beyond what we’ve been seeing from USB 3.0 drives.

Angelbird’s TRIM 2 GO and Stable Stream technology additionally ensure that the drive’s performance constantly stays fresh and at a stable level. This is of importance when editing, recording and working with files stored on the SSD2GO PKT.

Feature Highlights:

Available with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage and in 3 different colors
Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 10Gb/s, and backwards compatible
Comes with one Type-A to Type-C cable and one Type-C to Type-C cable
3-year limited warranty
Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android
Overload protection, TRIM, ECC, EMS, SMART, and ESD protection

Angelbird Releases USB 3.1 SSD2GO PKT Portable SSD 3


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