Apples WatchOS 3 To Be Your Emergency Savior

Apples WatchOS 3 To Be Your Emergency Savior

When you go abroad, there are many things you have to worry about. Health insurance in case you get injured, a passport to even get on the plane and then there is all the places and laws you have to keep track of. In their WWDC speech, Apple looks to reassure the users of their Apple watch in the WatchOS 3 update which will help save you when abroad thanks to its new SOS feature.

The new SOS feature will be included in the WatchOS 3 update that will come out for free this fall. The feature can be triggered simply by holding down the watch’s button, an action that will then inform the local emergency services. Typically this causes trouble, what with the UK using 999 and the US using 911 and some other countries not even having a centralised number. The SOS feature doesn’t care about that, contacting the emergency services no matter what country you are in.

Given the right setup, your watch will also ping your emergency contacts with a ping of your current location should they need to trigger the system. If that wasn’t enough, when an ambulance arrives they’ll find your watch displaying all your medical information, from your name and date of birth to any medical conditions listed in the Health app.

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