AT&T Could Stream Your Games and Anime on its New Network

AT&T Could Stream Your Games and Anime on its New Network

When it comes to watching your favourite shows, there are a variety of options. Catch up TV gives you the option to watch and stream your favourite shows online while online championships and games are shown on gaming sites and through the games themselves with thousands of users and gamers watching the events as players compete for millions. AT&T is looking at getting in on the action with reports that they will create a new service to stream a wide variety of topics, anime and video games included.

The initial reports suggest that the channel will help “viewers interested in anime, video games, niche action sports, and other fare off the beaten path”. With a set of domain names hinting at a possible name of Vrv for their new network, but it doesn’t end there with reports that Vrv will combine content from popular streaming service Crunchyroll with other channels to create a large customizable package.

With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime offering everything you could ever want to watch, key factors in the new network would be amongst the parts we don’t know about such as pricing or even what kinds of content the channel will show. With rumours of a reveal this month to announce its full launch later this year, would you be interested in an alternative to Netflix or Prime video?

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