Automatic Update Bricks Lexus Navigation!

Automatic Update Bricks Lexus Navigation!

When it comes to software, automatic updates are both a gift and a curse. This is even worse when the software involved is responsible for helping you drive a giant steel cage travelling at speed. This is happening with Lexus owners causing all kinds of troubles courtesy of an update creating unstable software.

Confirmed by Lexus as a “glitch”, the routine software update was delivered over-the-air, meaning that the cars were automatically updated no matter of their location. The glitch causes the dashboard screen to spontaneously reset, never a good move with anything powering a giant automated vehicle. The reset causes everything from radio and navigation systems to become unstable, with affected cars including those equipped with Lexus Enform systems. A twitter post by Sean (@av8828) shows just how the problem appears.

With such a serious problem, there’s no doubt that Lexus are working hard to fix it given the frustrated owners flooding their social media, some users have even resorted to a “hard reset” by removing their battery, in turn forcing a reset. While a classic solution, owners should be wary and await confirmation of a fix from Lexus, one which may involve going to your local garage to get fixed.

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