BIOSTAR Partners With Apacer and Thermaltake For New Gaming PCs

BIOSTAR Partners With Apacer and Thermaltake For New Gaming PCs

BIOSTAR is a prestigious company in the hardware industry and manufactures reliable motherboards which sell incredibly well throughout Asian territories. During the past year, the company has modernised their motherboard software and introduced the Racing brand which consists of a more visually enticing design. On another note, BIOSTAR also offers a wide range of graphics cards featuring interesting and unique coolers.

The company’s latest move involves showcasing the beauty of custom PCs and they’ve decided to enter into a partnership with Apacer and Thermaltake. The initial press release was a little unclear so I’m uncertain if this is just for events or they intend to sell custom systems. The former appears the more likely and it’s a great way of demonstrating the kind of builds possible with the right components and expertise. In the build pictured above, Thermaltake’s Core P5 chassis has been deployed which allows you to view a system in all its glory which makes it the perfect choice for events.

On another note, Apacer has unveiled a wide range of stunning memory products including the Blade, Panther and Commando modules. This compliments the LED lighting on BIOSTAR’s Racing motherboards beautifully and it’s a match made in heaven.

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