BOSEBuild Are Creating Built it Kit for Speakers

BOSEBuild Are Creating Built it Kit for Speakers

It is often said that when you build something yourself, it becomes more meaningful and has a special meaning. This is said when you build your own PC over ordering one yourself, with every effort put into the build being returned when you turn it on at the start (or end) of a long day. Bose is looking to introducing a similar concept to something which everyone from adults to children uses, speakers.

BOSEBuild is a new company designed around “built-it-yourself” devices, and its first release looks to impress. The first project will be a speaker cube, a kit that will let kids discover everything about a Bluetooth speaker from the science and technology to the artistic creativity they use to make it their own.

Using high-quality parts and materials to enhance the device’s durability and life span, the instructions provide all the science and guidance needed to recreate a speaker while gaining all the understanding you need to explain and confuse your friends with how it works. The instructions and coaching will be provided through a handy app that helps guide anyone step by step as they look to complete the project.

With the importance of STEM subjects being raised in schools on a weekly basis, Joe Titlow, Head of sales and marketing for BOSEbuild states that this kind of “learning doesn’t just happen at school – it happens in garages and backyards and at kitchen tables, and it starts at a young age”.

I know if someone had given me the tools to make my own Bluetooth speaker, I probably would have found it much easier to enjoy music with my friends other than just passing around my headphones.


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