Can You Make Scrambled Eggs on a CPU?

Can You Make Scrambled Eggs on a CPU?

Scrambled eggs is usually the first dish prospective chefs learn because of its simplicity and excellent taste. This also applies to people who are new to cooking and want to create something for friends without resulting in a hospital visit. Successfully making scrambled eggs via the traditional method isn’t very exciting. Thankfully, the bizarre world of computer hardware has now brought a new lease of life into scrambled eggs and the definitive cooking method might have been finally discovered. Our friends at Ozone sent us an intriguing video showing the process of scrambled eggs being fried on a processor. This procedure is fairly simple and removes around removing the cooler and creating a foil container to hold the eggs. Of course, some thermal paste was applied between the foil and CPU for thermal conductivity and to maintain direct contact.

Once complete, the foil section was placed on top of the processor mounting hardware, and then the CPU was stress tested to reach the 100C. This allowed the egg to cook, although it was a fairly slow process. As you might imagine, running the CPU at such a high temperature caused some instability but it wasn’t enough to halt the process. Judging by the video, the end result is rather tasty. Honestly, it doesn’t look that appetising to me, but I’ve never been overly fond of scrambled eggs! Please remember that this was done in a professional environment and trying to emulate it cause result in damage to your system. Not that I think our readers are going to rush out and try it! I have to say this is an eggcellent video, and I’m glad to see we’ve finally eggstablished the best way to make scrambled eggs.

What do you think of this eggtraordinary video? I’ll try to resist any egg puns in the future.

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