Catch Them All with the Pokémon Go Wearable

Catch Them All with the Pokémon Go Wearable

This year has been a big year for Pokémon, with their 20th-anniversary celebration kicking off with free Pokémon giveaways for anyone on their latest games and with the announcement and reveal of Pokémon Sun and Moon, you will have even more Pokémon to catch. Pokémon Go looks to bring together our world with the world of pocket monsters, with augmented monsters you can catch and thanks to their wearable, you never even have to pick your phone out of your pocket.

So your out and about, and thanks to your phone vibrating you know that Pokémon Go has detected a nearby Pokémon. Do you pull your phone out in the middle of public and search for what could be a rare Pikachu or Gengar? Of course, you do! There are sometimes when you can’t, such as if you’re sitting in your office, get up for a drink and suddenly encounter a wild Pokémon, what could you do? The new Pokémon Go Plus looks to solve this issue by giving you a small pin type device, while wearing the pin it blinks blue when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Press the button and attempt to become a master, with a rainbow light showing success and a blinking red light screaming out that the Pokémon escaped this time.

At $34.99, the device is as expensive as a new game but for some being able to catch Pokémon while you walk around with a tap of your finger screams to the inner Pokémon master. With a release date and the end of July, could Pokémon Go launch around the same time? We will have to wait and see.

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