Colourful Motherboard Contains Onboard GP104 GPU

Colourful Motherboard Contains Onboard GP104 GPU

Colourful might not be the most recognisable name in the western market, but they produce a huge range of extreme motherboards, graphics card and more for Chinese customers. In the past, they’ve designed custom variants of popular graphics card and included high-end power delivery to leverage extra overclocking headroom.

One of their latest inventions spotted by a VideoCardz’s reader during Computex year is intriguing and seems to feature an integrated GP104 chip on a motherboard. Clearly, the motherboard doesn’t conform to traditional form factors and looks like it might be a custom product for a mobile unit, or compact barebones PC. The graphics section is likely to be the unreleased GTX 1070 MXM. This is a really unusual motherboard design and I’m interested to see its purpose.

Whatever the case, this could be the first real evidence of the GTX 1070’s desktop chip integrated on a custom motherboard. Surely, the official announcement of these new MXM units are not far off and I’m wondering how much of a performance gap there will be compared to the discrete versions. As you can see, the motherboard is stamped, B150-GP104. This tells us that the device is probably going to be in a tight shell because the chipset doesn’t support overclocking.

Image courtesy of VideoCardz’s reader LG Nilsson.

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