Curved 4K AOC Gaming Monitor Coming This Autumn?

Curved 4K AOC Gaming Monitor Coming This Autumn?

An AOC insider has claimed that the Taiwanese company is set to release a pair of 4K monitors this Autumn – one curved, one flatscreen – according to PCGamesN. AOC – which is yet to release a 4K monitor purely for gaming, despite most of its competitors doing so – is launching its AGON gaming series of displays over the course of this year, with the impressive 27” AG271QG, with its 1440p resolution and 165Hz refresh rate, due out this July. The new 4K monitors are set for release under the AGON banner, according to the source, with the curved release boasting a 35” display.

“If our source is to be believed,” Dave James of PCGamesN writes, “that is all set to change with both a flat panel and a curvy 4K screen hitting the market this year, both sporting Nvidia’s G-Sync frame-smoothing tech.”

“The flat-screen version is a pretty safe bet, with a relatively straightforward 27-inch IPS panel, and a 75Hz refresh rate, but it’s the curved version that looks rather unexpected,” James adds. “We’ve been told today that in all likeliness AOC will be releasing a 35-inch curved 4K screen in the autumn.”

If the report of a 4K curved display from AOC is true, it should quell the disappointment of the C3583FQ, which didn’t feature a 3440×1440 resolution.

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