Do Not Pay Bot Cancels Parking Tickets For Thousands

Do Not Pay Bot Cancels Parking Tickets For Thousands

Remember all those sites you browse and get greeted by a chat bot asking if you want help or support while browsing the site. The chatbots more often than not don’t help out other than redirecting you to forums or sending back automated responses to your keywords. The Do Not Pay bot takes a different approach, instead looking to help people in both the UK and the US fight their parking tickets.

Currently, the Do Not Pay bot works within both the UK and New York and offers to give you a chance to fight all those parking tickets you received. With around 250,000 people using the bot to solve at least 160,000 parking tickets since its launch last year.

The Do Not Pay Bot was created by Joshua Browder, a British teenager, who hopes that the bot could prove that not all chatbots have to be malicious and could help people. 9,000 of the 160,000 challenges came from New York where the service was launched in March this year. With it taking only three months to build the chatbot, it works by asking questions about the parking ticket and the circumstances that it was issued in.

Browder is more than a little shocked, saying that he was “very surprised it has been so successful”. Would you trust a bot to fight your battles? Maybe the next step should be facing all those calls or emails offering you deals that seem too good to be true.


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