EA Hosts Challenges and Pledges $1 Million Charity Donation

EA Hosts Challenges and Pledges $1 Million Charity Donation

EA has often been perceived in a negative manner due to their questionable business decisions and involvement in the demise of iconic developers like Maxis Software, the developer of Sim City. Even though EA is incredibly successful, they’ve received the honour of being deemed the worst company in America twice! This first occurred in 2012 and history repeated itself in 2013. This caused the company’s COO, Peter Moore to make a statement and try to win back people’s trust. During today’s E3 briefing, EA announced a new incentive entitled, “Play to Give” which involves giving players access to a number of challenges. This currently includes:

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline

“Earn a Gold Battlepack by providing supplies to your teammates in need. As a community, Battlefield 4 players are challenged with getting a 45 million total re-supply score andBattlefield Hardline players are challenged with getting a 5 million re-supply score from June 12-17. By achieving either of those goals, contributing players will get rewarded with an extra Gold Battlepack.”

Star Wars Battlefront

“Players who complete any multiplayer match from June 12-14 can participate in the 3X Score Event, earning triple score and credits.”

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

“Deploy a squad of some of the most powerful female characters in Star Wars™ against the droids. Completing the quest for the first time will get you 50,000 credits, 1 Rey shard, 1 Princess Leia shard, and 25 shards needed to unlock a 2-star Jedi Knight Guardian. Subsequent completions will award more shards of Princess Leia, Rey, Barriss Offee or Ahsoka Tano.”


“Participate in the Play to Give Cup in FIFA Ultimate Team during EA PLAY. Win the tournament and you will receive an untradeable Rare Mega Pack. Any future tournament wins in the Play to Give Cup will get you a Premium Coins Pack.”

Madden NFL 16

“Play Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 16 from June 12-19 and complete a short objective list to receive 2,040 coins and a Pro Pack.”

The idea here is to encourage competitive play across a number of leading EA titles and reward players to keep them interested. To coincide with the launch, EA has pledged to donate $1 million to HerForShe, the National Center for Women & Information Technology, Code.org, CODE2040 and finally, something which remains close to my heart, SpecialEffect. If you’d like to read more information on these charities, please visit this page. Personally, I think this is a really good idea and helps to maintain a loyal user-base well beyond a game’s launch period. Also, the donation is fantastic and it’s great to see huge publishers like EA doing their part to give something back.

EA Hosts Challenges and Pledges $1 Million Charity Donation 1

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