Facebook Will No Longer Link Their Videos to Other Sites

Facebook Will No Longer Link Their Videos to Other Sites

When it comes to watching your daily selection of kitten videos or people doing silly things, YouTube has often been the place to go. This has started changing in recent years with the addition of videos to many social networking sites, including the likes of Facebook. Now it would seem that Facebook isn’t so keen on sharing the joy as its has now disabled links to external sites in their videos.

The change in policy was made earlier this month but featured very little if any warning. The problem with the removal of its call to action feature (CTA) is that many see it as a warning about the power Facebook has over what people see and do online.

The CTA feature was noticed missing by the BBC on the 9th June but wasn’t confirmed as something other than a bug till 12 days later, showing that maybe this change is expected to be ill received. With the feature being used by sites all over to tease their content before directing users to their own sites it could see Facebook offering less of a benefit to news companies and groups than it has in the past.

With so many people relying on Facebook to share and advertise their pages and news, the change could do more harm than good for companies and Facebook alike.

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