Feel Like a Royal In The Driverless Rolls-Royce

Feel Like a Royal In The Driverless Rolls-Royce

Have you ever felt like that you weren’t being treated with enough respect? In their latest announcement Roll-Royce want to address this issue by giving people access to a driverless car that leaves you feeling like the important person you are.

The Vision Next 100 is Rolly-Royce’s answer to the driverless craze that has started to sweep the world, but instead of free space to create smaller pod-like vehicles, Rolls-Royce has gone the other way and created a car that would fit perfectly in the likes of Star Wars. At a size of 19 feet long, it’s anything but small and wouldn’t even fit in a normal parking space, but the size is only the first sign of its passenger’s importance.

After arriving at the destination, driven by an AI named Eleanor, the glass roof opens up as the side door swings towards the back of the car. Combine that with the step that extends out, and the shelf that seems to glide out to display your luggage, the car already makes a grand gesture for its departing passenger. Then it gets even more grandiose as a red light illuminates the floor before the step, giving the passenger a virtual red carpet as they step away.

The Guardian reports that we probably won’t see the car until “sometime in the 2040s”, so don’t start saving up just yet.

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