Get Ready for the Electric Harley-Davidson!

Get Ready for the Electric Harley-Davidson!

When it comes to motorbikes, there are few names bigger than Harley-Davidson. Known for the roar of the engine and the classic drivers that ride them, Harley-Davidson has now stated that they won’t just be happy with what they have now, they’ll be looking at making an electric motorcycle, but sadly not anytime soon.

In a talk with KMilwaukee Business Journal, Sean Cummings, the bikes maker, stated that within the next five years they’ll be looking at releasing an electric Harley. This wouldn’t be their first electric motorcycle, with the company releasing the LiveWire back in 2014.

The LiveWire (pictured above) had only 60 miles on a full charge, a rather limited distance given the rareness of chargers and the long distances riders like to go on with nothing but two wheels and their friends. With limited space in their classic bikes, it could be difficult to fit large batteries in the frame without getting rid of the classic look of a street bike.

The idea that a company as big as Harley could be looking at electric motorcycles shows that Tesla isn’t the only company to notice the trend towards environmentally conscious vehicles. Would you like to see an electric Harley or would the lack of a roar give you second thoughts about buying the motorbike?

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