Godless Malware Roots Your Android Phone

Godless Malware Roots Your Android Phone

When it comes to viruses and malware we often underestimate just how many devices could be affected by malicious software. One thing we often forget is vulnerable is our mobile phones, with many users never installing an anti-virus or protection software on the device you rely on daily. The latest malware to hit Android users won’t just give you pop ups but will root your device and open it to all kinds of security risks.

Titled Godless the malware can be found in the app store and targets anything running Android 5.1 and earlier. For reference, this means that over 90 percent of Android users are vulnerable to this new strain of malware. Godless hides inside a new app, using exploits to root the OS on your phone granting the device the ability to install all kinds of apps, authorized or not.

After your device has been rooted, Godless can install spyware and change settings like the devices administrator. Trend Micro who originally reported the malware have revealed that even newer variants bypass security checks on app stores. If you think you’re safe then it may be worrying just where Micro found the malware, including the likes of flashlight and wi-fi apps and even copies of games from the store. Another tricky feature is that some of the clean apps on the store share the same developer signature as the malicious versions, meaning that your clean version could be upgraded to a virus without you ever knowing!

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    1. friend here is a report of the study they did http://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/godless-mobile-malware-uses-multiple-exploits-root-devices/


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