GOG Offers DRM-free Copies Of Your Steam Games

GOG Offers DRM-free Copies Of Your Steam Games

When it comes to buying digital games for your PC, there are very sites which offer you a direct line to your games. With many sites offering the reselling the games, trying to download your games often leads you back to a handful of sites or services, with one of the most popular platforms being Steam. A rival service comes from GOG, who are using their unique selling approach to offer free copies of your Steam games on GOG without the DRM that normally ties them down.

The list of games that GOG Connect, the companies new initiative, offers is limited and with some games only being eligible for limited times based on their developers and publishing companies whims. With titles like Saints Row 2, Braid and the original Witcher being offered at the moment all you need to do is log into your GOG account and your Steam account through their site and the tool then uses your public Steam profile to find and copy eligible games.

Although some information like your achievements and cloud saves are being left alone, so you might have to replay some of your games in order to completely gather all the achievements for t, something that seems like a great excuse to keep playing.

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