GoToMyPC Hacked – All Passwords Reset

GoToMyPC Hacked – All Passwords Reset

What happens if something goes wrong and you’re away at work? Sometimes you just need access to your computer no matter where in the world you are and GoToMyPc offers you the ability to do just that. The problem with gaining access to your PC (or MAC) from anywhere in the world, is that if the system isn’t 100% secure, neither are yours. Sadly it would seem that the systems used by GoToMyPC weren’t secure, and have ended up with every single password being reset.

GoToMyPc has stated in a security advisory that their systems were targeted by a “very sophisticated password attack”. As a result and as a precaution, the security team “recommended that we reset all customer passwords immediately”, a move which seems beyond drastic for a small problem, making this seem like a rather large issue.

It should be noted that if you’ve used GoToMyPc before you should address the issue if you’ve used the same password somewhere else. With nothing other than the attack mentioned in the alert, could your details have been exposed? We can only wait to hear more on the matter.

As a second step, GoToMyPc has recommended the use of two-step authentication, meaning that a hacker would need more than just your password to gain access to your account, and potentially your PC from anywhere in the world.

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