Hyperloop One Dreams Of Joining Europe To China

Hyperloop One Dreams Of Joining Europe To China

Don’t you just love the internet? Being able to order something from another country and have it delivered in a matter of weeks to your doorstep. The problem you often have is the delivery time, with it taking days or even weeks to get a package from one country to another. The team behind Hyperloop One hopes to change that by joining Europe to China, effectively creating a giant delivery system.

Hyperloop One is one of the many Hhyperloop projects that are looking to use maglev technology to achieve amazing speeds for transporting both people and possessions across countries and now it would seem even the entire world.

Hyperloop One has signed a deal to bring the technology to Russia but the new technology could go all the way from Europe to China. The Hyperloop would create a new “Silk Road” that could take their contents all the way from China to Europe in a single day. With the system essentially being a giant freighter system that could help avoid the use of container ships and increase the speed at which you get all your favourite things quickly.

Would you enjoy being able to order something and have it delivered from the other side of the world in less than a week?

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