Introducing Pillo: Your Very Own Personal Home Health Robot

Introducing Pillo: Your Very Own Personal Home Health Robot

Pillo Health wants you to be intrigued by its Pillo “home health robot,” a curious blend of personal health, facial recognition, machine learning, and automation.

The mini robot has a high-definition camera, omni-directional microphones, 7” touch screen, text to speech software, voice, and facial recognition, and the ability to learn. These high-tech features provide a number of different features for consumers: Pillo is able to store up to one month of vitamins or medications, while distributing medications are dispensed to the appropriate person.

Interestingly, Pillo has the ability to sync with your wearable and mobile devices – storing physical activity, medical information, and other collected data in “one totally secure location.” In the future, don’t be surprised if it has a calorie counter, nutrition dashboard, baby monitor, stress management system, and the ability to generate digital health reports.

The idea that Pillo could be powered to answer health-related questions seems appealing, especially if it’s done in a casual conversational manner.

The project has more than 100 Indiegogo backers, generating 57 percent of its $75,000 goal with one month left. Interested customers can pledge $299 and get Pillo at 50% discount, with an estimated ship date of July 2017.


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