Microsoft Loses Windows 10 Update Case – Woman Wins $10K

Microsoft Loses Windows 10 Update Case – Woman Wins $10K

I’m sure many of our readers have been down the Windows 10 update route, some of you by choice, some of you had your hands forced when your system updated its self, often right in the middle of your work, games, while you slept, and even during a weather forecast! Either way, it hasn’t won Microsoft many fans for their methods, and while we fully support having more users on a modern platform, it could have been handled better.

One user, Teri Goldstein of Sausalito, California, said that she had never even heard of Windows 10, at least until her PC attempted to install it. Things quickly went downhill from there for Teri, as the upgrade not only failed, but the end result was a slow, crashing and useless computer for several days, and Microsoft support was, unsurprisingly, unhelpful.

Teri did what many of us would do, after getting nowhere with Microsoft, she took them to court to cover the cost of lost wages, as well as the cost of a new PC, but here’s the kicker – SHE WON! Teri is now up $10,000 after the judgement ruled against the company, and while Microsoft did file an appeal, they later dropped it.

This could set a worrying trend for Microsoft, as with one case down, it’s likely others will now step up and try claim back some damages. Personally, I upgraded on day one and thankfully avoided all this chaos, but clearly not everyone was as lucky.

Have you had problems with the forced update and would you be willing to sue Microsoft over it?


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