Microsoft Wants To Prove That Edge Is Better For Your Battery

Microsoft Wants To Prove That Edge Is Better For Your Battery

We all love browsing the internet, be it reading your favourite tech news site or watching cute cat videos online, sometimes your phone just doesn’t have what you need. When you have to be mobile and use some decent computing power, you’ll be looking at using your laptop. If you were looking at using one out and about, sometimes the battery power can make or break your choice in a laptop, so why not take the same consideration when picking your web browser? Microsoft is looking to turn more users to their latest browser, Edge, thanks to its battery life bonuses.

Using two tests Microsoft looks to prove their web browsers battery efficiency, the first being the replication of “typical browsing behaviour” on popular sites while the second was a more recent test by streaming HD video. Both tests were done after unplugging four identical computers, each one running a popular browser.

First to lose was Chrome, lasting only 4 hours 20 minutes, followed by Firefox at just over five hours and then Opera at 6 hours 20 minutes with Edge taking first place at 7 hours twenty minutes.

Microsoft Wants To Prove That Edge Is Better For Your Battery 1

With Microsoft more and more keen to entice people into using both Windows 10 and Edge, it’s only fair that picking up the technical bonuses such as increased battery life to prove just how well their new web browser helps users.

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