Netflix Might Implement Offline Viewing by This Year’s End

Netflix Might Implement Offline Viewing by This Year’s End

Netflix, one of the world’s most renowned providers of streaming films and TV series, might finally implement a feature that’s been requested by users for a long time. We’re talking about offline viewing, a system that could potentially increase the service’s popularity on a wide scale. According to the COO of Penthera, Netflix is currently working on a “download-to-go” feature that could let its users save videos for offline viewing, and this makes sense considering that Netflix has stated in the past that it is quite open to this idea. However, as you can probably imagine, tackling the issue of content rights will not be easy, and it looks like the company will be limited by various studios as far as making titles available for download is concerned.

Apart from Netflix’s own original content, it will be interesting to see which other studios will be on board with this decision, but my guess is that there won’t be too many of them. Amazon Prime has implemented offline viewing last year, but this service is also quite limited. Then there’s the fact that some content owners might restrict downloaded videos on a time period basis, which could further complicate things. In any case, implementing offline viewing could help Netflix in its effort to expand to other countries, especially those that have less stable internet connections.

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