New Prosthetic Arms Inspired by Deus Ex

New Prosthetic Arms Inspired by Deus Ex

When it comes to video games there are quite a few that feature cybernetics, the idea of robotics designed to act as a replacement for a hand or an arm has featured in many games, but most will remember it as the kind used by Adam Jensen, the main character in Square Enix’s Deus Ex. In partnership with Square Enix, Open Bionics is looking to release two arms based on the characters prosthetics.

The arm named Adam Jensen Arm, is a fully functional prosthetic, with a rotating wrist and flexible fingers while the alternative Deus Ex Universe Arm is designed to be more geometric, and could be seen in a film worn by an evil mastermind.

Designed to look like metal, the arms will be 3D printed, something that will give everyone access to and the ability to quickly and easily obtain a prosthetic based on the game. The biggest news though is the price of the 3D designs. The designs will be royalty free, meaning that the prosthetics will not only be free but available for everyone to print and use without any money going to Square Enix.

With the design being fully customizable and free, the designs will be released next year.

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