Nvidia’s New Shield TV Update Enables Stand-Alone Plex Support

Nvidia’s New Shield TV Update Enables Stand-Alone Plex Support

If you want to be able to stream local media to a TV, Plex is definitely a great solution, but the problem with this particular service is that it relies on a PC that needs to be turned on at all times in order to act as a server component. Fortunately, with the release of the upcoming Shield 3.2 update, Shield TV owners will be able to enjoy the very first all-in-one Plex box. The Shield TV itself features some rather impressive specifications, including a quad-core 64-bit ARM chip with a 256-core Maxwell GPU, 3GB of RAM and full support for hardware-accelerated video transcoding in HEVC, MPEG2 and H.264. These specs ensure enough processing power for 4K video playback at 60 FPS, and that’s definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Sources indicate that this firmware update will arrive at some point in July, and it’s not exactly clear whether Plex will work with other companies in order to implement similar features into other streaming media players. Right now, the most basic version of the Shield TV can set you back around $180 and offers just 16GB of storage space , while the Shield TV Pro costs about $300 but offers a built-in storage capacity of 500GB.

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