Overclockers UK Unleashes The Ridiculously Powerful 8Pack OrionX

Overclockers UK Unleashes The Ridiculously Powerful 8Pack OrionX

Overclockers UK offers a magnificent range of pre-configured system builds which cater towards users with contrasting budgets. In the higher end market, the company has been constantly innovating and focusing on custom-loop designs which feature the highest quality of workmanship. If you require the ultimate dream system, then the 8Pack range has you covered and includes astonishing after-sales support. Ian “8Pack” Parry is a renowned professional overclocker and has incredible design skills. We’ve already seen some of 8Pack’s previous work but this has been taken to a completely new level with the company’s flagship system. The 8Pack OrionX is one of the most powerful systems ever devised and the complex engineering involved almost defies belief.

8Pack OrionX

8Pack personally builds every one of his branded systems and invests a great deal of care into providing the best possible user-experience. This particular system sports Intel’s first 10-core Broadwell-E CPU, the 6950X overclocked to least 4.3GHz. Not only that, 8Pack is known for chip binning and including the best overclocking CPUs in his systems. Other specifications include 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory clocked at 2666MHz, the ASUS Rampage V 10th anniversary motherboard and three ASUS STRIX GTX 980Ti in SLI. Please note, this setup will be updated to three GTX 1080 cards very soon at no additional cost.

8Pack OrionX 1

In terms of storage, the system opts for an Intel 750 NVMe SSD and two Intel 540s in an RAID0 configuration. This combines to create 2TB of ultra-fast storage and there’s an additional 8TB of data via mechanical drives.

8Pack OrionX 2

The system is contained in Phanteks’ legendary Project 916 chassis, now dubbed the Enthoo Elite. This is one of the most beautiful cases I’ve seen and it’s already gaining a cult status. Here is a number of images showing the system in all its glory:

8Pack OrionX 3

8Pack OrionX 4

According to Overclockers UK, the system will retail for around the £18,000 mark and is still being finalised. While this is a huge amount of money, there’s a market for systems costing between £20,000-£40,000 and it’s already fascinating to see what’s possible without any budget constraints. I personally think this is possibly the best looking PC ever created, and oozes build quality.

8Pack OrionX 5

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