Steam Machines Still Not Taking Market by Storm

Steam Machines Still Not Taking Market by Storm

A year ago, Valve unveiled their first foray into the OS and PC with the Steam Machines and SteamOS. Seven months after launch, we are now getting out for indications of how well the Steam branded PCS have done. According to Valve, that number is somewhere below 500,000.

This comes from Cable’s number for Steam Controllers sold. The 500,000 mark was just a while back and since every Steam Machine comes with a controller, the number of Steam Machines can’t be any higher. Once you count standalone controller sales, the number of PCs sold drops as well.

Overall, this doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the Linux-based gaming system/OS. While 500,000 isn’t something to scoff at, it falls short of what the most vocal advocates hoped for. Microsoft has gradually made Windows 10 more palatable and delays with SteamOS meant some Steam Machines launched with Windows first. More critical, game support isn’t quite there yet.

With only several months to go till the anniversary, it remains to be seen if the initiative was a one-off or will Valve find a way to expand their base. On the other hand, Valve might be satisfied with their market share. Honestly though, Half-Life 3 being a SteamOS or Steam Machine exclusive would be all they would need.

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