Surgeon Simulator Expansion Puts Donald Trump’s Heart in Your Hands

Surgeon Simulator Expansion Puts Donald Trump’s Heart in Your Hands

If your lifelong dream is to perform heart surgery on none other than Donald Trump, then you’ll be glad to know that a brand new Surgeon Simulator expansion will allow you to do just that. Dubbed “Inside Donald Trump,” the DLC will give players the choice of giving Trump a heart of gold or a heart of stone, and after this crucial decision has been made, the surgery’s results will be shown on a live tracker as long as it proves successful. Apparently, those who own Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition will be able to download this DLC for free, but just in case you only have the base game and you want to purchase the expansion, its price is just £0.40.

Apart from its main highlight, the expansion also includes new features and a few new “medical items” such as Trump Tower, Trump Steak and Trump Vodka, and if you sign up to Club Bossa, you can even get access to a makeup kit. I’m quite curious to see how many players will go for the heart of gold option and how many will actually opt to give Donald a heart of stone. Below you will find a gameplay trailer for this new Surgeon Simulator expansion.

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