Terrorism Database Leaked Online!

Terrorism Database Leaked Online!

When it comes to leaked databases, companies all over are suffering from them. With everyone from child toys creators to your internet providers having their databases hacked and leaked online, security awareness is at an all-time high. That is unless you are talking about the latest leaked database which didn’t contain customers but contains the international watch list for terrorism.

The database of suspected terrorists can be linked back to a 2014 copy of the World-Check confidential database. This database is used by everyone from banks and governments to even intelligence agencies to calculate if someone is a potential terrorist. The leak was revealed by Security researcher Chris Vickery who noted on Reddit that he was able to get a copy of the database.

The database contains over 2.2 million records relating to anyone who is a suspected for terrorism, has ties with organised crime or even down to crimes like bribery and corruption. With the service run by Thomson Reuters, the company confirmed that the leak is an out of data database and that the database was revealed by an unnamed third-party.

While a major breach of privacy and secrecy, the risk that some companies and even people could access and form assumptions based on suspicions within the database could result in serious issues for people, aside from their right to privacy being exposed because of a false claim regarding their activities.


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