Tetris Movie is Part One of a Trilogy

Tetris Movie is Part One of a Trilogy

As if the news of a new $80 million movie adaptation of classic puzzle game Tetris wasn’t ridiculous exciting enough, the film’s producer has disclosed that it will be just the first part of a proposed trilogy, which is either an unusual show of confidence in a film inspired by interlocking tiles or a sign that the coke in Hollywood just got a whole lot stronger.

When asked about rumours that the Tetris movie will be the first of three films, Kassanoff revealed to Empire Online: “That’s correct […] and purely because the story we conceived is so big. This isn’t us splitting the last one of our eight movies in two to wring blood out of the stone. It’s just a big story.”

“We want the story to be a surprise, but it’s a big science-fiction movie,” he added. “I came up with the idea as I was thinking about Tetris and the theme of creating order out of chaos.”

Kasanoff – one of the inspired minds behind Paul W. S. Anderson’s Mortal Kombat film – assured Empire that Untitled Tetris Sci-fi Project (as it currently called on IMDb) is set surprise people.

“I guarantee you it’s not what you think,” Kasanoff said. “No-one has come remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing.”

Sadly, Kassanoff offered no hints as to who would be playing the coveted “L-Shape” role, though casting is said to be underway. Who would you cast as the seven Tetris blocks?


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