The Latest Steam Sale is Only a Few Days Away!

The Latest Steam Sale is Only a Few Days Away!

Consumers have been enjoying hefty discounts during Steam sales for a considerable amount of time and it’s been a primary reason why the client has become so popular. Sadly, the promotions on Steam haven’t been as generous as the early days and third party key resellers usually have better prices. Thankfully, the PC platform is open and users can either purchase games directly on Steam or get their hands on Steam keys from numerous websites like Steam sale dates aren’t shrouded in secrecy and they’ve been leaked by numerous sources before including developers and insider contacts. The latest sale has been officially announced by PayPal and starts on the 23rd June. It’s interesting to see a huge company like PayPal disclose this information but they’ve probably been given consent by Valve to do so.

A negative byproduct of Steam’s new refund policy is the removal of flash deals, daily deals and other exciting promotions which involved user participation. This really detracts from the social aspect during Steam sales and they seem lifeless compared to the older events. Whatever the case, at least consumers have greater protection against games they dislike, and poor PC ports.

Which games are you looking to pick up in the Steam sale?

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