The Nintendo NX Might be Playable During EGX

The Nintendo NX Might be Playable During EGX

Nintendo’s upcoming console codenamed NX is still a mystery and it’s unclear what kind of form factor or performance the device will bring. There have been numerous rumours suggesting it’s a handheld/home console hybrid featuring a unique concept. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean Nintendo is trying to implement a gimmick and simply want to innovate without detracting from the core gaming experience. In terms of performance, there’s been conflicting murmurings and it’s unclear what the machine will be capable of. The latest report suggests that the NX has been delayed until 2017 to introduce support for VR. Whether this means additional horsepower or development of a VR headset remains to be seen. Unfortunately, we won’t hear any more information about the NX during E3 unless Nintendo has had a sudden change of heart. Saying that, a recent EGX 2016 ticket survey mentions the NX which means it could be playable during this particular convention.

The Nintendo NX Might be Playable During EGX 1

Of course, this doesn’t provide definitive proof that the NX will be playable, but it’s interesting to see the show’s organisers asking this question. Perhaps, they’ve received word that the NX might be ready for people to try out if the demand from their survey is high. EGX is a huge event in the UK and would be a fairly good option to display the console for the very first time. Despite this, I’m still pretty sceptical about this latest development and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see the NX until fairly near the release date.

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