The Turnkey Installs A Fingerprint Scanner Into Any USB Port

The Turnkey Installs A Fingerprint Scanner Into Any USB Port

Passwords are either one or two things, they are either easy to forget or hackable. With companies having their usernames and passwords exposed on a daily basis, the age of passcodes and mistyped passwords could soon be other with fingerprint scanners being installed in mobile phones, Synaptics looks to upgrade your PC’s and Laptop’s security with a USB fingerprint scanner titled the Turnkey.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current device alongside the latest operating system from Microsoft, the Turnkey is a simple little USB device similar to the Bluetooth dongles and wireless dongle you found with your new wireless mouse that will grant you password-less access to your devices.

Losing the fingerprint scanner still gives you access to your PC through your passwords or PIN codes, but for those who don’t lose the device (or keep it plugged in all the time) you can rely on the new fingerprint security to give you access which no one can copy from over your shoulder.

While you may have to give up a USB port, a quite high cost for tablets and smaller laptops which only contain one or two, but with no word on a USB type C model, the Turnkey is scheduled for release later this year.

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