Thieves Disguised as Apple Employees Keep Stealing iPhones

Thieves Disguised as Apple Employees Keep Stealing iPhones

Apple has managed to acquire a cult following among many of its customers who often queue outside stores whenever a new product is released. This kind of brand loyalty is unbelievable and something which other companies wish to emulate. Of course, Apple tries to create an aura in their stores and make each customer feel like they’ve become part of a special community. As a result, Apple devices rarely target affordability which means their products are often targeted by criminals. Not so long ago, three individuals stole a total of 57 iPhones from Upper West Side Apple store worth over $50,000. The thieves disguised themselves as Apple employees and were able to access drawers where new, unlocked handsets were stored. This proved to work remarkably well because this particular store is designed to train new employees. This means any unfamiliar faces wouldn’t raise suspicions especially since they were “dressed similarly” to Apple employees.

This successful endeavour encouraged another attack on a SoHo store which resulted in the theft of 19 iPhones. Apparently, Apple’s new policy of maintaining the same clothing and not rotating the designs as they’ve done in the past could have made this robbery much easier. As you can see from the image below, there’s a wide range of clothing including shirts, sweaters, polos and more. This makes it harder to decipher between real employees and thieves who might be wearing counterfeit goods. Perhaps, this latest theft will make Apple re-evaluate their policy and prioritize security over providing a casual workplace environment.

Thieves Disguised as Apple Employees Keep Stealing iPhones 1
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