Turns Out Tesla’s Model S Can Swim

Turns Out Tesla’s Model S Can Swim

The latest craze when it comes to getting around is an electric vehicle, be it a pure electric vehicle like a Tesla or a Hybrid vehicle, there is a big question about what happens when you mix an electric car with rain? The answer seems to have come courtesy of a brave driver in Kazakhstan who not only decided to test his theory but went so far as to film the brave act.

The video shows that not only did the Tesla Model S managed to swim through a flooded tunnel, but did so in bypassing several other vehicles which seemed to have given up the hope of escaping the flooded tunnel, many of which were caught on the reversing screen.

As if planned, Elon Musk himself stated that they do not recommend driving through large plots of water but pointed out that if you need to, the Model S did act as a pretty good boat for short periods of time.
Maybe they got the Model S confused for the famous James Bond Lotus that turned into a submarine. Musk does now own the vehicle used in the movies and it even appears as an easter egg in the Model S’s suspension control screen.

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