Ubisoft Wants to Make The Division into a Movie

Ubisoft Wants to Make The Division into a Movie

With video games getting movies left right and centre it would seem that the line between your TV and the big screen is getting smaller and smaller. First, there was the Angry Birds film, then the Warcraft film followed by recently announced Fruit Ninja film. The latest game to get a reported movie contract is a little more recent with Ubisoft’s The Division getting a deal for a movie adaptation.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set in a New York devastated by a viral outbreak, with a deadly variant of smallpox ripping through the city with chaos and disorder following closely behind the players assume the roles of a Division agent, someone who would only ever come to active status when the world is in absolute chaos.

With a series of live action trailers advertising the games, the movie would seem like the natural next step for the Division and with Assassins Creed getting a movie soon alongside a reported Splinter Cell movie, Ubisoft is intent on bringing you all your favourite games to the local cinema for you to enjoy.

With reports saying that the studio is looking for more actors before starting on the movie it could be a while before we see The Divison come alive as a movie.

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