US Customs Wants to Friend You on Social Media

US Customs Wants to Friend You on Social Media

When it comes to social media, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t got an account these days. From the casual chats of Facebook to the business links of LinkedIn, people can share and talk to anyone about anything online and now it would seem that even US customs want to know your profiles when you enter the UK.

The new proposal to the federal registry sees the suggestion of a new field on application forms in which applicants would enter their social media accounts and screen names. The information wouldn’t be considered mandatory but would be used to help show what a person is like, both online and off.

The area prompts users under the text “please enter information associated with your online presence”, meaning you may want to add in everything from your social media account, blog posts or even your Steam account. With 60 days to comment on the proposals, the idea will be formally considered.

With all kinds of social media tracking used on an everyday basis, tracking your digital life can show people a lot of information about yourself, even beyond that cute cat picture you share occasionally. Do you think you can recall all of your account names? What kind of information would you put on it?


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