Xbox S to Run Games Better Than Original Console

Xbox S to Run Games Better Than Original Console

The Xbox S is 40 percent smaller than the original model and supports 4K video playback, HDR, Dynamic range and a revised controller design. Not only that, the console doesn’t require a hefty power brick and looks absolutely stunning. The basic unit features a 500GB hard drive and costs $299, while the 1TB version retails for $349. Also, a 2TB model will be available for a limited time. Even though the Xbox S is designed to replace the original version and isn’t a huge power increase like the Xbox Scorpio, it’s able to leverage extra performance. Rod Fergusson, the head of The Coalition claimed the device will have “additional raw GPU and CPU power compared to the Xbox One,” In an interview with Polygon, and reported by MSPowerUser, Fergusson said:

“The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson talks in particular about improved surface detail on things like metal and armor — it will also provide a more consistent level of technical performance as well, Fergusson told Polygon in an interview following Microsoft’s press briefing today.”

“According to Fergusson, the Xbox One S has additional raw GPU and CPU power compared to the Xbox One, and The Coalition’s engineers have been able to take advantage of that to reduce the frequency of frame rate or resolution penalties in more demanding sections of the game.”

This is an interesting development which took me by surprise as I thought the slim console would offer the same processing power in a more convenient form factor. To be clear, I wouldn’t expect to see huge improvements but the difference could be enough to maintain a smoother experience. Personally, I love this re-design and believe it offers excellent value when you consider the integrated 4K Blu-Ray drive.

What do you think of the Xbox S?

Image courtesy of Cnet.


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