Xbox Scorpio to Use Zen and Polaris SoC

Xbox Scorpio to Use Zen and Polaris SoC

During Microsoft’s E3 briefing, the company teased Project Scorpio which apparently offers a better graphical throughput than the PlayStation Neo. This particular console features a powerful SoC designed by AMD to run games at a 4K resolution while remaining fairly smooth. Sadly, Microsoft didn’t divulge much information about the console so it’s unclear what it’s true capabilities are. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting move especially when you consider the Xbox One’s power deficit compared to the PlayStation 4. As expected, AMD is providing the SoC for the Xbox Scorpio in the form of Zen and Polaris. In theory, the custom chip could be built on the 14nm manufacturing process and provide exceptional performance per watt.

The CPU segment looks likely to an 8-core with SMT allowing for 16 logical CPU cores when combined with the GPU comes to a total of 6 TFLOP/s. On another note, the memory bandwidth is 320GB/s. Sadly, that’s all the information disclosed so far but it’s shaping up to be a huge improvement on the original Xbox One. Most importantly, the Xbox Scorpio instigates a new era of shorter console lifespans and multiple specifications throughout a particular generation.

Are you looking forward to the Xbox Scorpio?

Image courtesy of WindowsCentral.

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