xDedic Lets You Sell Hacked Servers

xDedic Lets You Sell Hacked Servers

It’s hard to find a week where a hack hasn’t been reported in the news, with companies, agencies, and groups having to deal with hacked servers, leaked information and databases revealed online. These are just the hacks we know about, typically that is just the skin of the water with a sea of unknown problems beneath the surface. So what happens if you have the login credentials for a server that someone else may want, you may want to sell it and if that is the case then it would appear that xDedic is the place to go buy hacked details.

Reported by researchers from Kaspersky Lab, xDedic had 70,624 servers coming from a range of countries. Including government agencies and corporations, the report states that back in March they only had 55,000 servers catalogued. Apparently it’s not even like you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for it, with the ability to purchase “access to a server located in a European Union country government network” costing as little as $6.

With hackers buying credentials, using not only the details about the server but its data as well, buying access for that small a cost it wouldn’t be hard for hackers to install malware onto a server, gathering credit-card details that are processed through the server.

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