Alchema Smart Home Brew Kit Hits Kickstarter

Alchema Smart Home Brew Kit Hits Kickstarter

When it comes to modern day devices, there’s something for everyone. Some people like to make their own drinks at home, using home brewing kits for everything from wine to cider but sometimes they just don’t turn out how you want them. Alchema is a company looking to change that experience by bringing a gadget of the same name to your home to brew your drinks with ease and speed.

The Alchema is marketed as a “smart homebrewer” and looks to use an iOS app to help take away the guesswork from recipe hunting for your favourite drinks. Marketed as making cider in just 1 to 2 weeks, the machine could make you your favourite drinks (or something a little new) in a short space of time. Cider not your thing? Try mead in less than a week or how about some wine in just 4 months, the possibilities are vast and you’ve got a long list to get through.

With a medical grade UV-C LED light to help clean and sanitize your pitcher you’ll never end up with a bad batch. A weight sensor helps you measure and put in just the right amount of fruit and water, keeping you on track to follow your new favourite recipe. With tracking of everything from temperature and air pressure to its alcohol content the Alchema’s WiFi connection is for more than just looks. With 44 days left on its

With 44 days left on its Kickstarter, you can grab one of these devices for as little as $329 with a release date of July 2017 you might have to put up with a few more store brought drinks while you await your first exploration into brewing.


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