Amazon To Trial Personalized Video Adverts

Amazon To Trial Personalized Video Adverts

When it comes to adverts they are an evil we must bear with. From the small adverts, you see to the left of this text, to the annoying pop-ups that take over your screen or even hide and play audio on an unknown page, companies use adverts to gain finances to help support themselves. In recent years companies have looked to personalising their adverts, often resulting in them showing products you’ve avoided buying just yet or have just browsed over through your many hours shopping online.

Amazon is looking to do just this, converting their static personalised adverts to personalised video adverts, creating a more eye-catching and appealing advert. The managing director of Amazon’s software development centre in Edinburgh, Graeme Smith, explains that it’s “something we’ve only experimented with at very small scales”.

Going on Smith explained that he was “not able to share any more details of where, but potentially anywhere you can see a video is potentially somewhere you could consider running personalised video ads, right across the internet”.

With it being early days for the technology, Amazon is holding all their cards close to their chest on this technology, declining to show the BBC footage of the new feature stating that it was still in testing and too early to share widely.


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