AMD FreeSync Coming to TVs?

AMD FreeSync Coming to TVs?

An AMD executive has speculated that the company’s FreeSync technology, which allows displays to output adaptive frame rates to reduce screen tearing and input lag, could be coming to televisions soon. Richard Huddy, AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist, made the comments at an AMD event in Munich.

“[FreeSync is] there on HDMI, too, which is cool,” Huddy said (via Trusted Reviews). “We’re there before it’s on monitors, and on TVs, actually. They’re coming, they’re coming very soon, actually.”

Huddy was later asked directly if FreeSync was coming to TVs, to which he responded, “You bet. Yes on HD TVs, yes on Ultra HD TVs. You know that when you run [a game] on PC you’re going to get those variations in frame rate… FreeSync delivers a wonderful experience. If you don’t have it in your lounge you’ll feel rather deprived.”

“Absolutely it will be there on HD TVs but I don’t have any idea when it’ll be announced,” he added. “I believe it’ll be coming to market this year.”

A little later, though, Huddy revised his statement – possibly after a word in his ear – saying that it was just personal speculation, and not reflective of AMD’s strategy.

“I got people excited about HD TVs supporting FreeSync,” he conceded. “That that we can say is not what I said. There is support for FreeSync over HDMI, available in monitors, and there will be more monitors coming to market in 2016.”

“The statement I made…I withdraw. That’s me speculating, not AMD.”


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