Apples New Patent Would Disable Cameras At Events

Apples New Patent Would Disable Cameras At Events

When it comes to events these days, there are so many that you often find it hard to enjoy them all. You could go to the cinema and watch the latest scenes of explosions and romance, go see some theatre or even find out when your favourite bands are going to be hitting the stage near you. The sad part is that sometimes people ruin these events by bringing their mobile phones to the dance, often recording the events for others to watch online later. Apple wants to stop this and their new patent would let them do just that.

When you go to an event and someone is recording it on their phone, rather than buying a copy of the show from the event to take home, you often end up with a swarm of phones blocking your experience. Apple’s patent would disable cameras, while in proximity to the new system.

This would happen by the system sending out infrared signals which your phone would then pick up and disable the video recording on your phone. The patent would enable places to disable pictures and/or videos taking on mobile phones, while the patent also states that a “device may apply a watermark to detected images as an alternative to completely disabling a recording function”.

With artists and companies looking to crack down on people recording their events on mobile phones, will Apple disable cameras sooner rather than later and will other phone makers gain access to the system to do the same to their phones?


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