Car Mirrors Could Become a Thing of the Past

Car Mirrors Could Become a Thing of the Past

When it comes to cars, their designs have remained roughly unchanged for years. Typically they feature doors, windows, boots and mirrors. Japan may be the first to change this pattern, using an all too familiar technology to replace car mirrors with something a little more high-tech.

The country has now green light a policy which could see all the mirrors you find on your car changing to the same kinds of cameras you often find in reversing systems these days. According to The Japan Times:

“At first, monitors and the cameras must be positioned in the same place as current rear-view and side-view mirrors and offer the same views

Getting used to (monitors instead of mirrors) is the main factor to ensure drivers’ safety”

Mirrorless cars would feature a more aerodynamic design after losing the mirrors that stick out of the sides (and often end up getting knocked off). As more and more systems in cars are getting replaced with technology it leaves more and more systems to go wrong.

Japan’s Ichikoh Industries looks to introduce a unique product in the near future stating its first product would be “an interior rearview mirror that has a double function: It operates as a regular mirror and with the flick of a switch, it transforms into a digital screen displaying a live video feed of the rear view”. The first step is getting governments to accept mirrorless cars, while the second step would be to get the technology within cars.


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