Customers Angry at New Evernote Restrictions

Customers Angry at New Evernote Restrictions

Evernote has introduced new restrictions which prevent free users from synchronising notes over more than two devices. Users who wish to continue using Evernote over three or more devices must pay a subscription fee for either Plus or Premium – both of which have now, of course, increased by 40% – a move that has triggered a backlash from irate free users.

“The economics of Evernote didn’t make sense until this point as most users had no real incentive to move to a premium subscription,” Ben Wood, a researcher from the tech consultancy CCS Insight, told the BBC. “So, I’m unsurprised this has happened. The big question is does this approach stack up in terms of getting enough people to pay these prices?”

The app currently has around 200 million customers, and the company insists that its new strategy will help it invest in new features.

Several Evernote forum users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the changes:

SFnLS: “Slowly but surely starting to price yourself out of the market. Not good timing given the improvements being seen in competitive products.”

bbenz: “I get the need to increase prices occasionally, but this is a 40% increase for Premium users. I love Evernote, but I’m not sure I love it that much.”

eternal: “The two device limit for free versions. Been a good run, Onenote here I come.”

joshserrano: “[A]nd the downfall of [E]vernote has begun. Can’t wait when OneNote has all of [E]vernote features and is free […] Limiting to two devices is insane.”

As someone who uses Evernote regularly over more than three devices, the move has certainly made me seek out alternatives rather than pay a subscription fee, and it seems that other users have similar concerns. Though, having experienced Evernote Premium – a free six-month subscription through a new phone contract – I found that the extra features were redundant to my needs, so maybe, despite the ire, the new restrictions will prove to be a crack marketing technique that will force free users to upgrade.


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