Drobo NAS Get Their Own iOS Photo and Video App

Drobo NAS Get Their Own iOS Photo and Video App

Drobo NAS and DAS might not be the most known storage devices among the general public, but they are definitely some really cool devices that allow for a more flexible storage growth than a normal storage setup does. One thing has however been missing for the network attached devices and that was the ability to seamlessly upload photos and videos from your iOS device to your Drobo NAS. That has now been fixed with the release of DroboPix which allows owners of the Drobo 5N and Drobo B810n NAS to do just that.

Apple iOS devices can be tricky to backup with conventional methods as it requires proprietary connectors or software in most cases. Using a wireless data connection is an easy way to get past those limitations and when you use a smart app for it, you don’t even need to do anything yourself.

DroboPix is part of the myDrobo suite applications that make managing your data easier. The DroboPix app will automatically detect when you are on the same network as your Drobo NAS and automatically upload your photos and videos to your storage solution. The app also uses geolocation verification on top of the normal network verification in order to give the user two layers of security, a great thing when it comes to automated processes.

Drobo NAS Get Their Own iOS Photo and Video App

“DroboPix is the latest app in the myDrobo suite that continues our commitment to simplicity through innovation of our storage solutions,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of Drobo. “Our focus as a company is to make our customers more productive by saving them time. Managing pictures and videos can be complex and time consuming, especially on a mobile device, so we wanted to make it as simple as possible.”

The app is officially available from the App Store and it is also free, as it should be. So iOS and Drobo users can download and start using it right away.


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